Herman Peters – Guided by harmony

I create a home around the people living in it. Around their family and their character. And around the art, pursuits and hobbies that are important to them. Creating that harmony is the goal to which I aspire. My role is to bring the needs of the residents into a logical and coherent whole. This creates interiors where relaxing feels just as natural as coming together.

Designing interiors is an adventurous journey. In the beginning, I rarely see the final destination. Together with the residents I explore their dreams, wishes and desires, and then the goal becomes more clear. I always use the place where the house is standing as the starting point. What kind of energy surrounds the house? How do I connect the elements from outside with what is created inside? Then I have to make clear choices and do justice to the rooms and the features that are important. Adding optional elements or developing areas as needed. I also consider the outdoor spaces in my work, for me outside is an extension of the inside.

The success of an interior design depends on a good layout. Home logistics need to be coherent and incorporated well. I spend a lot of time and attention on that. The rooms must offer intimacy. But also connect to one another in a natural and open way. This helps ensure that the house feels comfortable whether two people or twenty people are present.

For me art is an important part of an interior. It brings a deeper layer. With art, residents bare a piece of their soul. It stimulates the senses and gives true peace. Next to art, light also determines the atmosphere in a home. You should be able to play with light. If successful, it is possible to use natural light to create balanced lighting at any time of the day, to create an individual atmosphere. I see LED lights as an often surprising accessory. Depending on the situation, LED lighting can either motivate or provide release.

Interior provides a sophisticated interplay of furniture, colours and materials. I prefer to choose beautifully designed furniture that is functional yet timeless. A lovely couch that the whole family can borrow into. Or a handcrafted cabinet that gives prestige to the entire room. The kitchen needs to be practical and convenient, for a quick breakfast in the morning or a nice cocktail whilst cooking. Colour is very decisive for the character of a house. Can provide a peaceful and neutral basis, or distinctive accents and a unique identity. I lay down the finishing touch with a selection of appropriate materials and accessories. Well chosen curtains, a comfy area rug, beautiful vases and throw pillows in a fresh colour ensure consistency, comfort and harmony in an interior.

Herman Peters (1974) designs and develops architectural and interior design projects for houses, apartments and commercial properties, including the surrounding gardens and outdoor areas. At the beginning of his career Herman worked for the famous Dutch interior designer, Jan des Bouvrie. In 2007 Herman started his own design studio, Peters Design Group (PDG), and worked for clients in, among others, the Netherlands, England, Russia and Estonia. Additionally, he is responsible for the entire design process, from creating the first sketches to managing contractors, and from the aesthetic guidance to the selection of art, furniture and lighting. The strength of Herman Peters lies in his attention to details. All elements must be correct, from the layout of the rooms to the flowers on the table.

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